Monthly Archives: November, 2012

The Trouble with Creativity

So, I’m a “Creative” person… I’m okay with that. I’ve created things, mainly dream worlds and fantastical drawings of such since I was 2 or 3 years old, and persist with this creation. But, what is it really a definition of…. I feel a compultion to create, to write, draw, play new music… and all for what purpose exactly???

It generally seems to me that the desire to create is an almost uncomfortable compulsion, sometimes the ideas flood and need to be recorded in a desperate frenzy of notes and scribbles, sometimes they keep me awake, fearful that with sleep they will evaporate and be lost to the morning. It’s seems that I have to do these things. Now, I don’t believe in a higher purpose, that I’m here for a reason, simply that I have that kind of mind, by pure accidents of physics and genetic chemistry.. and that’s it… It’s not necessarily a great thing, it inteferes with other elements, it interrupts tought processes, it makes boredom a default position.

I have read that Artists take nature as a starting point, and then try improve on it… I can see some of that point, but I rather think that artists simply see beyond the superficial skin of nature, they see the potential within words and colours to create a new “real”, freed from the constraints of probability.

As an artist, when I see something beautiful, I don’t automatically think that I should try to render it faithfully (that’s the job of cameras) but rather that I should see the possibilities of the alternative, the permutations, the inherent ugliness being at least as important.

For an artist, the world around them is like lego… not the new, make-whats-on-the-box stuff, but the random blocks and bits, free to deconstruct and reimagine.. all the what if’s? The same blocks of my childhood that were swords, aeroplanes, spaceships, buildings, guns, robots, trees… they all come from the same set of chunks of garish plastic.

So, hopefully, creativity is just freedom to see things in any way, and the desire to do so is something I have to put up with, although, generally it’s exciting and enjoyable…