Monthly Archives: January, 2013


So, a new year, an arbritary change in the countdown… Just off the back of Dunaire, a positive experience, to be back printing, and for it to be recognised as a vaible stream, not just a whim… I’m happy with that. And now, it’s on the move, new audiences about the country, maybe beyond.. there is a positive beauty.

2013 is already dancing with me, dragging me about, throwing projects at me, The CoLab, old comrades, new ideas, beauty in pain, memories and the past creating the future….  this is the year of possibility.

I’m moving more now, no walking stick needed for my angry tendons… an ugly blast of predisonone has me walking unaided for the first time in at least a year… i feel unbalanced and funny, with a new odd gait….. my lungs still rattle, but maybe they’ll be bossed back into shap in 2013.

So maybe this year will bring the wishes, I already feel too busy, I’m dreaming about projects, and waking up with ideas….

have a lovely year… and don’t fuck about, unless of course that’s your goal.