Monthly Archives: April, 2013


You will often be asked what your art is about… y’know, “what does this mean?” And this may frustrate, you may feel that your work is self-explainatory, or wilfully obscure, or such, but really the thing is… these questions are valid, it’s just that you should be asking these questions of your self and your own work, and you should be asking them continiously…

The artist should always question themselves, question their motives and examine them…. and in a lot of ways have the answers, it really is a thing that needs to be looked at. It’s the whole “Why am I doing this and what am I trying to say?” situation. What’s almost irrelevent is what you’re actually doing compared to why you are doing it, and that your reason is valid to You.

You are the prime of your audience, the most important viewer, and the one who must be happy with what you are doing, and at peace with the motivation. If you are not, then it’s a potentially unfulfilling world of discontent. In the main all motivations have their validity. However, the artist mush sit comcortably with that, the jacket must fit.

I have always maintained that the artist has a duty to act as the consciencd of society, and that remains My opinion, I do not expect others to automatically adhere to it, all I ask is that, what ever you do, be content with your motives and make the art you make because it is important, firstly, to you to make it, do it from your own truth… then it will have it’s audience, an audience that does not need to be sought out or cajoled… don’t drag them by the hand, they will be there by their own volition, simply because, the art audience recognise an honest truth when they see it.