Monthly Archives: June, 2013


I’ve heard a couple of artist comrades recent work described as fearless… it’ s a wonderful word, if you can have it applied to your work… it’s also a hard one to live up to. First of all, as an artist, what is fearlessness and how can someone be really sure that what they’re doing  is being done without fear???

I recently reviewed some of my work, and saw a safeness and comfort in it, and that’s the thing… it’s easy to plough the furrow, to follow on from each safe thing, each comfortable little cell… and especially so, if at some stage there has been some recognition or award for such.

I think that fearlessness in art is truly embracing everything that you feel, expressing the shit with the sugar, loving your failure, but making that failure work for you… not ever doing anything because of anything except your own compulsion to create a truth and express it….


Artists are valued in this world (if not this country) as conduits of truth, and that truth is best expressed fearlessly….. otherwise, in compromise, comes conformity…