Monthly Archives: June, 2014

New work and ideas

Recently I’ve been working on what may become a series of paintings, loosely examining the ideas of memory, bot personal and received… This is a somewhat new venture, and has coincided with me clearing out my rather chaotic studio…..

So now I will stand at my easel looking out into the garden and at the apple trees as I paint.

I’ve chosen gold coloured paint as a motif within this series, and in a lot of ways it’s stands almost metaphorically as a hopeful light, both going forward and in retrospect….. I’m interested in how ones own history and images of long past events can inform and colour ones thinking, even without direct experience of such events…. Rather it’s like an emotional resonance, an anchor in the past.

I have found that I have an emotional attachment to people and events which occurred before I was born, that yet have informed my thinking, and in this new work I strive to express this…..