Monthly Archives: August, 2014

I only know that I must….

I’ve been pondering artistic responses to some of the shocking stuff going on about us… I’m wondering if I should, if I could, and if I did would it be appropriate. More so that I would fear that I may not really have a suitable grasp or skill to execute fairly, and also that I might just make something for the sake of it, almost as if it’s some sort of artistic pose..

My emotions on the mixture of Gaza, Tuam, the Abortion/Rape situation here, the Ukraine. It is in a lot of ways too chaotic to just turn around and say… this is my artistic response, I’ve channelled raw emotions many times and it often simply not enough, or artistically incoherent… but I also feel I cannot do nothing, it’s my duty as a citizen, as a person, as an artist to express as I can, to try rationalise, to peer into these black holes…

I am so furious, it’s all bullshit and religion, and religion is bullshit, it’s all greed and ego and selfish, vanity and ignorance…. I am sickened by every institution which dares to say, we are better than them and then defiles the corpses, the living, the innocent….. no sane person can believe in a god that starves babies, or scatters their severed arms about a street, or tortures rape victims with fucking righteous rhetoric til it bleeds out onto the ground and poisons everyone who chooses to step over it on the way to mass…

So how can I respond?

I only know that I must.