Monthly Archives: October, 2014

These New Paintings

I’ve posted some of these images of some of the new paintings I’ve done as part of an over all series. Based on various memories, not all of which I can consider reliable, they represent what I consider to be part of the process of saving the stories and reminiscences in some sort of palpable form….. As the people in my life, parents, friends, fade out of view, pass away, lose possession I am desirous of retaining what I can.

I had once written, for my mother, this piece….

I will try remember for you,
When you can no longer,
Everything you have ever done,
I printed in a memory,
And stored forever,
I will pass your book on,
And you will persist perpetually.


Henry in the Old Stairwell

Henry in the old Stairwell

Sorry Stephen, But It’s Raining Stones

Sorry Stephen, but it's raining Stones

The Scarlet Fever Door

The Scarlet Fever Door

The Sense of Progress

Some days, I just get my head down in my studio and it seems to work. Suddenly the unfinished bits, the sloppy marks, the unconvincing colours coalesce into something coherent.

It’s always such a boost when that happens…. you rise above the struggle, and feel that it’s possible to achieve something tangible.

So yesterday was such a day, and now I feel positive, and my latest thread of work seems to make a little more sense, and thus it sets up today for more positivity….

So, making art has these good days, which are, in truth, almost as much of a goal as finishing the work.