Monthly Archives: June, 2015


One of my favourite things this week is seeing images of a class of children recreate my Re:Collect exhibition using their own photographs and crayons during a visit to the Luan Gallery, I’ll have the photos soon and will post them, they’re totally cool


Back in the Studio

 8 new works begun, excited….. 

Artists @ Meet the Artist


Meet the Artists @ Luan

I had the great experience of being interviewed as part of the Meet the Artists event in Luan , along with Gary Robinson and Dan Chester,  by artist Clodagh Kelly… an interesting and enjoyable experience 


Re:Collect Ongoing

The  exhibition is showing @ Luan for another couple if weeks, but this Saturday, I’ll be involved in a meet the artist event, in the firm of an informal chat with the 3 artists currently showing and the public… it’ll be fun…. plenty of insights into what exactly the thinking behind the artworks is…..