Monthly Archives: September, 2015


Today I potentially added to my, mostly limited, skill base, with some photo based screen printing…. so whilst these images are purely tests, it’s interesting and fulfilling to learn this technique, and hopefully it’s something I’ll get to utilise in future artworks…. consider this particular old dog. the possessor of a new trick… 


Painters Tricks.

I don’t know a lot of painter techniques, nor the tricks of the trade.. I don’t have that style of education, so I’ve often found myself inventing them myself, whilst secretly acknowledging that I’m probably going over previously trodden ground… but I enjoy often finding, by accident, something that works for me…
Lately I’ve found myself not cleaning a brush fully between colour changes, so as to let the original colour interrupt and interfere. This delivers equal measures of fun and frustration, but overall it’s interesting.

I suppose all this lark has been done, from sfumato to action painting, but sure fuck it, it brings me joy, and is all part of the journey… it may not be exacting, but at the end of the process it brings me results that I feel I set put to achieve. it’s just like taking different routes for the same journey, just for the sheer avoidance of routine…..

I know nothing, I know something

I don’t know what I know about art… or perhaps I cant quantify it. Its one of those things where you which you had a definitive grasp, so when people start to quiz you would, thus, have definitive answers. I suppose, its because, once your recognised as an artist, there is a certain expectation of knowledge…. but, you see, I’m not art educated, not really. So I constantly find out that there is something I don’t fully understand…. but the question is, is that important?

It leads me to the whole “my 5 year old could do that” shtick… now we all know this to be utter bollocks almost exclusively (well there’s one thing I know), but that’s an area to consider about art knowledge. I think, once you’ve a certain level of understanding about what the creative process entails, then you understand why the aforementioned nipper can’t create a Pollock or Mondrian…

So that’s the thing, I don’t know what I know, but I definitely know something, and I’d urge everyone to encourage those around them to gain some art knowledge… firstly so that they may better appreciate the aesthetics of the simplicity of the world around them, secondly so they can realise that, beautiful as it is, the crayon fish on the fridge is not an Emin and finally, so they can start the 5yr old on the path, to perhaps, being able to do ‘that’ in their own style, in some hopeful future.