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The Best Thing I Have Ever Done

The question would always be, why are you making art? What’s the particular goal, and why this particular thing. Naturally, we have our reasons. We have our motivations. We have our goals. 
whar I often find is, that as I make an artwork I am thinking to myself, this is the best thing I have ever done… now that May or may not last, minutes, seconds, days, forever. But, at that moment, as that creeps into your head, that’s the result… it’s nor about the subject, the technique, the awesomeness of ones skill…. it’s all about the intention…. that moment is when, you realise, that what you intended to do, ia being realised to the best of your current ability…. and it is to be savoured.


Finding Beauty.

Ultimately, sometimes inevitably, often accidentally, we find the beauty in the aestethic of  what we create….   I don’t know if that’s the pure desire or just the route. it’s been said to me that, oftentimes, artists can be reluctant to seek out beauty, in the fear that the work they create becomes about the appearance rather than the subject matter. that it will somehow overshadow the intent.
the thing is, that, maybe, sometimes in overcoming that fear, we can explore the true intent. it can be easy to lose the idea because one doesn’t want to end up with something too bright or attractive, when sometimes that’s what the work really needs…..

Lazarus Taxa amongst Others…

Recently, amongst various things, I’ve been working on some pieces which are loosely influenced by the Lazarus Taxa…
To Define:

 In paleontology, a Lazarus taxon (plural taxa) is a taxon that disappears for one or more periods from the fossil record, only to appear again later. The term refers to the story in the Christian biblical Gospel of John, in which Jesus Christ raised Lazarus from the dead.

 I had a fascination with these since I was a kid, specifically the Coelacanth, and I also like the connotation of their nomenclature and the sly humour if it…. Whilst if hasn’t always been apparent in the past, I do sometimes have little elements of fun hiding in so e of the darker corners of my work….
Whilst, this is not the sole thread of thought within the works, or indeed the sole influence, I am enjoying finding elements and applying them as part of an overall idea of reemergence, and in a lot of ways recovery

I’ve snapped some of these works on my phone,  and stuck them below…..