Monthly Archives: February, 2016

Don’t Stand Still

I was thinking that I didn’t start making art just to stand still, maybe I didn’t realise it at first, but now I see it… Keep moving… I’d be ashamed if I was still making the same art I made 10 years ago, not just because of quality, but also because of the thought processes…. couldn’t tolerate a rut….
I want to be creative, always, and I think to achieve that, there has to be constant movement, new thoughts and ideas, new mistakes…
Don’t keep making something that you’re good at, just because you’re good at it, try something unfamiliar and try to become good at something new…..


Crux Ophelia

It’s a sneak peek, before and after of Crux Ophelia…. latest work…. part of “This Much I Know About Humans”…. enjoying the process, lot of work right now… always fascinating to feel that things are flowing….