Monthly Archives: August, 2016

A Fresh Burst

You can be a bit static, looping, redoing, keeping going but reverting back… getting tired and being unsure… I painted, repainted, erased, went back… and just as you have that sense that nothing is gonna work out, you get lucky..
The painting was thick, heavy and weary, yet, in a moment, I clicked with it, and with sly delight I felt a joy and comfort, the colours spread out evenly, and it felt easy to finish…
It was countless dragging hours and a quick flourish… and now, it’s a burst of fresh energy which should sustain me through a few more works…. 


Banging your head against a canvas…

Sometimes, some paintings, are simply infuriating… I often wonder how many paintings I paint, only to be repainted… must be loads of lurking sub standard pieces….. 
Right now, I’m layering up, making decision and counter-decision, repainting, taking colours, then erasing them… maybe this is just all the process, always, but sometimes it seems to take so many cul de sacs… although, if you walk through a maze and keep one hand constantly in contact with the wall you will find your way through…..