No More 2016 Please…

Yeah, it’s been a right old shit of a year on a lot of levels…. we lost all our favourite singers (almost) a lot of familiar faces off our TVs, and, unfortunately, in my case, recently, some relatives, old and youngish… it also rolled over to the 15th anniversary of my sister passing, oh, I’ve just spent a month being barely able to walk  because of the sarcoidosis… but a dose of steroids seems to be beating that down… so here’s hoping on that front.
The thing is that all this badness is not feeding artwork, it’s hard to concentrate when you’re in pain, so with all that in mind, I’m hoping that 2017 will run along a bit more smoothly on so many fronts… I am still doing a bit of painting and writing, but just not enough focus to keep going at it consistently… I just want to get my head down and be able to work… not too much to ask….
So farewell Bowie and Leonard and Prince, rest in piece Anne and Aunt Bridie, and begone sarcoidosis… 


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