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The Joy of Others….

one of the more interesting things I regularly peruse is collaboration with other artists…. as a musician this is, of course, a fundamental, but also working with film makers, poets and other visual artists is interesting, challenging and rewarding…I’m aware, from practice, that it doesn’t suit everyone, but the very act of entering into someone else’s sphere of practice can be educational and almost always leads to an examination of new thinking….
Often art is a somewhat lonely persuit, so getting involved in these other processes of though can enlighten and lead you on to examining your own methodologies,.. and no matter how lacking in physical results (though generally, they are positive) the exercise might seem, it’s highly likely that you will learn something somewhere in the adventure that will certainly illuminate your creative path… 


Seventeen into Eighteen.

so, another new year, they seem to  come around so quickly that you don’t often notice how the years past. But, then again, they are just an arbitrary tick tick in the background as you plod along…..
I could talk about change, about how I’m going to do lots of different new and exciting things, that’s what you always do it this time year, but whether or not it happens it not always important… sometimes it’s just nice to have plans and goals, so I tried to keep this in mind and look forward to what might happen in 2018.
I do have some new ideas, some new people to work with, some new goals and exhibitions so I think it’ll be definitely interesting and I’m looking forward to see what happens.


I hurt my back again , or rather to be more specific it would be easier to say my back is hurting, it’s the injury, it’s always there, and right now it’s right here, chipping away.So I’ll stand down in the studio and wonder if I can channel the discomfort into what I’m trying to do, into the changes I’m trying to make, to not just indulge my own cliches but the express the core of what I’m trying to put into my work. I’m not even sure if the discomfort of this spinal injury is something that can really express itself through art or indeed whether it should all be indulged.

But then, on consideration it has always there, informing my practice in less obvious ways, sometimes slowing me down or stopping me, sometimes ensuring that I can’t work in the style or at the pace that I would desire, and sometimes it’s even right there on the canvas. So, just like the sarcoidosis, or dreary days or petty annoyances it is it important part of what I am and therefore an important part of what I do.

That’s it! Is it?

Is it reasonable to think that all artists really have only one thing to say, or that indeed, they are only trying to say one thing? I know people talk about their goal or their message which they believe is the most important part of what they do as an artist, but really are we just talking about them trying to express something basic or succinct about themselves at all points? perhaps that’s it, one little thing, say it, say it again better, try it ten ways, one hundred ways, the same way again, keep going, it’s there somewhere…..
Anything, from simple validation of what they are doing visually or thematically to some grand all encompassing meaning, The root seems to be that somehow this idea has to be expressed in a way that it can be consumed and understood. For some artists it may be simply that they want to be actually seen as an artist and that alone. Also, sometimes, I suspect, the artist may not be yet sure what they are trying to say, and are really just ploughing away in the hope of one day standing back and exclaiming “ah, that’s it”.

Finished, Unfinished.

I realised at a certain point on certain works that I was looking at the painting from the wrong perspective… thinking, realising…. there is a goal,, that’s to see when a painting Is finished, gather than looking finished… and that, oddly, when you consider it should be obvious, was a wee bit of a revelation. So now, I’m reviewing, re-viewing, reconsidering what I am looking at at any given moment and hoping that this new clarity will lead me somewhere interesting……

Do Not Stand Still.

As I’ve said, I’ve been looking at changing things in my art practice. It really felt important, and necessary…. I’d often gotten to a point where I feared I’d just run around in circles, or indeed, get bored with what I was doing or just feel that it wasn’t exciting enough… just one of those things, when you’re sitting somewhere, looking at or merely thinking about what’s happening, and you just think…. this is shite and pointless… so then it’s time to make some sort change…, I kinda feel, if you’re doing the same thing a few years down the road, then you’re doing nothing….

No More of the Same Old…..

So I hit a landmark birthday, I felt it, it didn’t slip by, it was like a big old train steaming through… I looked out of its window, and I desired that fresh view. This was great, I actually felt that it was a good time to change, to reevaluate…

So I decided, on one hand and it kind of happened on the other, but change was engendered. I didn’t want to keep approaching my practice in the same way, I wanted to reexamine…. everything about how I was painting, drawing, printing, I wanted to look at, and not waste time with it…. and this was very interesting, because it made perfect sense to me.
I’ve been peeling back, chipping away, scrubbing ideas and, when it comes down to it, trying to make everything new and fresh, challenging myself, a new approach, and to be honest, it’s great, and fun, and finally, today, I got stuck into some new work, and it’s joyous…..


It’s fun, sometimes, to consider the secrets paintings and their subjects contain. I enjoy it, even with my own pieces… to think, to consider, what might be going on.

This idea, is part of the dialog between artist and audience, an invitation for consideration….
I sometimes find, that perhaps unintentionally, I have presented an image with a degree of ambiguity or indeed a sense that even I, as the artist, may be unsure… and that’s okay, because, I do feel that, as part of the conversation, the viewer must be comfortable with their own ideas and/or interptritation, rather than just have the work dictate too distinctly.. 

When a member of the audience for Re:Collect wrote that looking at my works was like looking at themselves, I truly felt it had achieved much more than I could have hoped… and that’s the thing, artists must allow the viewer in through that crack in the door, and when they do, they allow a little more light to shine on the work…..

Your Children Will Witness This.

New work in 2017, thinking about people’s ideas for the future.. the monsters have pulled off their masks and are walking openly  amongst us, there is new ugliness of heart and spirit…. the future is in danger of being fucked…. they will leave you with nothing… Your Children Will Witness This.


Moving Forward…..

Well we survived 2016, the loss of our icons, the rise of the cult of men-babies, the new racism and re-normalisation of ignorance, misogyny and racism…. it was indeed a shit year, full of shit things, so we kind of need to overcome.., and as artists, we often feel a responsibility to say/do something, to think our way around these horrors.
So now, back to the easel and the colours… trying to embrace the year and the possibilities of a new year.  without getting wrapped up in the negativity… so we just have to work, think, consider, create, and resist. 
As an artist, I always look forward to new work, to something new emerging and that is the positivity that an artist always carry forward. And you always hope that the negativity of the current world doesn’t pollute anything you do, and to a certain extent you make better art, and perhaps, through this, shine a little more light back on the world.