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Artists often have issues getting work completed… can be so many reasons, creative blocks, issues with materials, fatigue, illness. And this is it, I’m here, the studio is down the hall, I’m tired and in pain/discomfort, it’s difficult to apply or concentrate and yes that’s the frustration..
Normally I’d circumvent these issues, but just today, it feels like I lack the required concentration and fear that id be rushing or making unnecessary errors due to this..
So for today, I sit back, contemplate the possibilities, and hope that tomorrow or later I’ll get in there and get stuck into the current, almost finished painting.

There are new meds and new looks at the sarcoidosis, X Ray’s and scans done and to do, but at the moment, the related arthritis and tendinitis are just pissing me off…. but I will channel this frustration and see beyond…..



You will, as an artist, be asked about your influences and who inspired you.. almost as a way of looking to see if your technique or style has a category… but it can be so much more complex…. it’s not a direct line, or evolution…. often it’s a weird spark that sets you off on a path m a person you met, a colour out of the window of a bus, a music performance you saw on top of the pops in 1973….. something you don’t remember…. a dream.
I think I as much influenced by the attitude of Bowie or The Velvet Underground as I am by the fact I saw Picassos work in books as a child.. hearing Delia Darbyshire….. seeing 2001, the crude paintings or the Children’s Bible, art teachers in school, friends I met in my teens who explored ideas in a fresh way….. I saw Sparks on the telly, I heard poetry in random places, I read books about tesseracts… it all bleeds in, and if you’re lucky it slowly rises to the surface and you make a little sense of it all….

David Bowie

In 1971 Bowie released Quicksand….. my older brother came home around that time with it on 7″ Single, and it was the first time I’d heard Bowie… I was four years old and it struck me as somehow special…..all the   albumssubsequently appeared in our house, Ziggy, Alladin Sane, Station to Station, Live In Philadelphia, Low etc . I got to hear them all on a spectacularly good Yamaha hi-fi with a 30 watt amp and marvelled at the images on the gate-fold album..

Ultimately it’ll probably feel like a privilege to have grown up with the many opportunities to listen to this music when it was newly released, to have seen The Man Who Fell To Earth secretly on a portable TV in the bedroom…. to have seen him live on stage at The Olympia, Dublin, playing incredibly…. to have gone back to vinyl once more and bought the Blackstar album and danced around the kitchen with Sandra listening to it this weekend.