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Stirring the pot

So, it marches forward, tick tock, it’s interesting…. I’ve looked at what I needed to change, to do better, to stop, to start, this year, and slowly I’m starting to recognise what works and what needs renewing…. some of the painting and drawing techniques I was using, and considered redundant, now seem quite important, other stuff I hoped to do now seems unnecessary.
I got back to print a little recently, and some of my older work seems relevant and fresh…

so I’m stirring the pot and keeping the flavours fresh, but not too much new spice….


No More of the Same Old…..

So I hit a landmark birthday, I felt it, it didn’t slip by, it was like a big old train steaming through… I looked out of its window, and I desired that fresh view. This was great, I actually felt that it was a good time to change, to reevaluate…

So I decided, on one hand and it kind of happened on the other, but change was engendered. I didn’t want to keep approaching my practice in the same way, I wanted to reexamine…. everything about how I was painting, drawing, printing, I wanted to look at, and not waste time with it…. and this was very interesting, because it made perfect sense to me.
I’ve been peeling back, chipping away, scrubbing ideas and, when it comes down to it, trying to make everything new and fresh, challenging myself, a new approach, and to be honest, it’s great, and fun, and finally, today, I got stuck into some new work, and it’s joyous…..